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Today is the day. My book, Coconuts and Kettlebells is OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE TO THE WORLD!

This means you can walk into a book store and purchase the book today, or order it using any one of the online retail stores below and it will ship out to you immediately. Yay instant gratification!



It’s been awesome to see so many of you posting photos(#coconutsandkettlebells) of the book in your hands. My mission has always been to help people revolutionize their relationship with health and fitness, and with this book I feel like I’ve finally been able to pursue that mission on a grand scale.

​​​​​​​Still on the fence? Here are just a few of the things some really awesome people have said about the book:

“It’s like having a nutritionist, personal chef, and fitness coach all in one book!” – Alaena Haber, Grazed and Enthused

“It looks really beautiful. I get sent so many books each week, and this one just stood out.” – Shawn Stevenson, Model Health Show

“As a woman, I love the thoughtful and innovative approach to HEALTH over aesthetics…” – Stacy Toth, Real Everything

“This book is now the one I’ll be recommending to everyone who reaches out to me looking for help with nutrition.” – Clara Wisner, Revolutionary Lifestyle

“The recipes look absolutely mouth-watering….” Jennifer Robins, Predominantly Paleo

“The book is *amazing*, you absolutely NAILED it Noelle!” – Andrea Moore, Real Moms, Real Life Podcast

“This is literally the best book I have ever read in my entire life. In fact, I sleep with it now at night.” -Stefani Ruper, Paleo for Women

(OK truthfully the last quote was by my co-author, Stefani Ruper. So it doesn’t count.)

Getting this book out to the world has truly been the most rewarding experience of my career. Thank you for celebrating with me, and PLEASE keep tagging me in your photos!

Be strong,

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