Meet the Team

Laura Lyons, NTP


In short, Laura runs the show around here. From publishing the podcast to creating graphics, she’s a jill of all trades. Laura currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband. She enjoys hiking, biking and any adventure that gets her outdoors and her blood pumping. Laura’s passion for health and fitness fuel her creativity as she specializes in graphic design, social media, and marketing. Follow her traveling photos at @lauralizlyons on instagram!

Kelsey Hite, Personal Chef


Kelsey is a personal chef, recipe developer, and personalized meal planner. She loves helping create food that both nourishes and excites those she serves. Kelsey lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, energetic pup, and expected little one. Together they enjoy being outdoors hiking, camping, and backpacking. In her spare time, you’ll find Kelsey lifting weights, swinging a kettlebell, spinning, reading, or baking/cooking up a storm in the kitchen. If you’re interested in following along with her journey follow her @hitenutrition on Instagram!