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This time of year, there’s an endless amount of messages promoting restrictive diets, detoxes, and one-size-fits-all fitness plans that promise to have all the secrets and “fix” everything that’s wrong with you.

So, it’s time someone comes out and says it: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and you aren’t broken.

What’s broken is the way the fitness industry has become one that preys on people’s insecurities, and tells you what you should be doing in order to achieve success, whether it’s right for you or not.

To cut through the noise and provide you with an alternative outlook, I’ve put together some FREE resources to help you become the boss of your own body, and what’s right for you.

Watch the FREE 3-Part Video E-Course

Starting TODAY, you can access my totally FREE 3-part video e-course. I created this e-course to show you exactly how to build a fitness plan that’s right for your body.

The course explains:

  • Common mistakes that hold people back from achieving their goals
  • The formula for building a plan that’s right for your body
  • How to take action and remain consistent (Hint: you don’t need “more” willpower or extra time!)

I also added some bonus downloads with the e-course that will help you get started immediately. You’ll have access to these downloads once you sign up to watch the 3-part video e-course.

Once you gain access to video #1, you’ll automatically have access to video #2 and video #3, which will be release later this week! GET EXCITED.

Last, but not least, by signing up for the course, you will be automatically entered to win a 12 kg cast iron kettlebell! (This is the exact kettlebell I recommend in Strong From Home as the perfect starting weight for those new to kettlebells.)

I’ll be selecting the winner on Friday, January 13th and letting you know via email. The email you input to gain access to the videos is your entry.

Click here to Watch Video #1!

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