A few years back, a couple of friends went in together and got Mr. Coconuts and I a set of four high-quality kettlebells as a wedding present.

I know, right? Best. gift. ever.

Since then, we’ve had a blast using our kettlebells for various types of kettlebell workouts we can easily do in our house, outside in our front yard – and even on road trips.

If you’re short on time like me, I highly recommend securing a set of good kettlebells to build your fitness. They can be used for metabolic conditioning, strength training, and functional workouts – and you can knock out a seriously awesome workout in no time. I also recommend using a mat to help keep your kettlebell from being scratch or damaging the floor, and a little bit of hand chalk if you have a “healthy” sweat rate like me.

We got our set of kettlebells, which come with a lifetime warranty from CFF-Fit and we love them. You can also purchase a variety of quality kettlebells from CAP barbell which are pretty affordable and ship for free.

One Kettlebell Workout - Coconuts & Kettlebells Workout

One Kettlebell Workout

Instructions: For this kettlebell workout, you’ll be using one kettlebell for all exercises throughout the entire workout. Pick a weight that you can move with steady speed – yet will still challenge your strength. Please watch the videos to make sure you are performing the exercises correctly, and pay special attention to your form. If you feel like you are losing form on a movement, drop to a lower weight kettlebell.

Warm up: Perform at least 10 minutes of Dynamic Range of Motion movement. Then, perform 3 rounds of 5 reps of each exercise listed below with no weight at a steady pace.

The Workout:

Perform 4 sets of the following workout:

20 Double Handed Swings
15 Goblet Squats
10 Reverse Lunges, each leg
15 Deadlift Rows
20 High Pulls

Rest 30 – 45 seconds after each round

Cool down: Walk, stretch, and polish your kettlebell.

Newbie to the Workout Scene? Start here!

Instructions: If you’re new to working out, perform 1-2 rounds total with 1 minute rest in between. Only push yourself as hard as good form allows.

If you’re uncomfortable with an exercise listed in the workout, perform it without the weight until you master the movement.

Want more workouts like the one above? Check out my other kettlebell workouts, or strength training workouts.

Live empowered,

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