If you’re looking to improve upper body strength and function, the kettlebell knockout is the perfect at-home friendly workout you can do using a single kettlebell, or multiple kettlebells based on your ability and strength.

Because this workout does contain some technical movements like the kettlebell swing and the one-arm clean, please be sure to watch the instructional videos I’ve linked below, and practice the movements beforehand using little to no weight.

Key points – use your hips to move the kettlebell up, and avoid rounding your lower back or shoulders throughout the workout.

When doing this workout at home, I highly recommend investing in an exercise mat to protect your floors and absorb shock. If you’re interested getting your first kettlebell, or purchasing additional ones, I recommend getting a cast iron kettlebell from CAP barbell on Amazon. I also highly recommend CFF FIT for those interested in higher quality kettlebells, which come with a lifetime warranty.
The Kettlebell Knock - Coconuts & Kettlebells

The Kettlebell Knockout

Instructions: Using a kettlebell, perform each movement controlled and with proper form.

Warm up: Perform 5-10 minutes of Dynamic Range of Motion movement. Then, do 3-5 repetitions of each exercise below.

The Workout:

3 rounds:

10 Double Handed Swing
8 Bent Over Row, each side
8 Push-ups

3 rounds:

10 Double Handed Swing
8 One-Arm Push Press, each side
8 One-Arm Clean, each side


Perform 2 rounds of each set in the workout. Only chose a weight that is within your capabilities, and allows you to perform each movement controlled and with proper form.

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Live empowered,

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