After returning from a beautiful week-long vacation in the Caribbean, which included some not-so-pleasant bathroom experiences on our return flight home, I woke up this morning with two things on my mind – Kombucha and Kombucha.

Actually, I was thinking about Kombucha way before we got off the plane, and Mr. Coconuts was gracious enough to stop by the store and pick me up a few bottles on our car ride home from the airport. While I do love to sip on it “strait” – Kombucha smoothies are no only super easy on the digestive system, they’re also quite possibly the perfect summertime drink to enjoy because they’re tasty, refreshing, and contain much-needed restorative properties.

So what the heck is Kombucha, and why do I put it in my smoothies? Ah, glad you asked.


Kombucha is a delicious, fizzy fermented tea that is packed full of probiotics, and is rich in vitamins and enzymes. While Kombucha has been around for a couple thousand years, it wasn’t until recently that Kombucha began gaining popularity outside of its ancient Chinese roots.

Despite the fact that there isn’t much modern research available yet on Kombucha, because it’s a natural probiotic food – Kombucha provides a powerhouse of health benefits for those who consume it. Not only does it support detoxification throughout the body, it also improves immune system function by encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut which is home to 70-80% of our immune system.

Kombucha’s priobioic goodness also helps balance the digestive system, and because it’s chocked full of B vitamins and beneficial enzymes, it boosts both metabolism and energy levels (nature’s 5-hour energy, anyone?) In other words, you can get a whole lot of goodness with regular consumption of num-tastic Kombucha smoothies. Skip the pill, and bottoms up instead!

Where is Kombucha?

If you aren’t already brewing your own at home, you can easily find Kombucha at your nearest health foods store. For this recipe, I used GT’s Kombucha which I get from Whole Foods Market. Both the Strawberry Serenity and Trilogy flavors work well in this recipe.
Strawberry Kombucha Smoothie Drink

Strawberry Kombucha Smoothie


2 cups frozen strawberries (chopped)
3-4 ice cubes
1 cup Strawberry Kombucha
1/4 cup coconut water


Add all of the ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Add more coconut water or chopped strawberries depending on your desired thickness.


Keepin’ it human,


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