While I definitely love getting out-of-town and visiting family, friends, and exploring new places, traveling definitely has its challenges.

In addition to the many tactics I use for eating healthy while traveling, I also have an arsenal of travel workouts that I can do almost anywhere depending on how much time I have, and what my body needs. These workouts help me stay on track, and allow me to continue to feel on top of my game while away from home.

Hence the name of today’s spotlight, the Stay on Track Workout. (aaaand yes, I’m pretty proud of that one.)

When Mr. Coconuts and I know we’re going to be out-of-town, we typically do a bit of reconnaissance to evaluate our surroundings. Sometimes, we search for nearby schools, trails, or gyms, and try to figure out what’s available to us so we know what we can accomplish.

One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to accomplish a travel workout is to locate a nearby public track or school track that is available after hours. Thus far, we’ve always been able to find a usable track when visiting family for the holidays – including out in the country (like, the-closest-store-30-minutes-away-country), and in downtown city areas.

Of course, if there is no track nearby, you can easily turn the run portion of this track workout into an “out-and-back” run. However, I will admit – there is something about running on a track that makes you push yourself harder, and feel just a little bit like an Olympian. As a result, I highly encourage you to get to a track, and have some fun with it.

If you’d like to use this workout near home, or you have room to pack some equipment like a kettlebell or jump rope, you can swap out some of the movements to include kettlebell swings, jump ropes, or kettlebell deadlifts for an extra kick. Adapt the workout to what will benefit you most.

Stay On Track Workout

Stay On Track Workout

Instructions: Perform this track workout as fast as good form allows. Each run around the track should be a sprint. If you haven’t sprinted before, no worries! Simply use the modifications listed below the workout.

Warm up: Run 2 laps easy. Then, perform at least 10 minutes of Dynamic Range of Motion movement.

The Workout:

Run 1 lap (400m)
50 Walking Lunges (25 each leg)
Run 1 lap (400m)
40 Air Squats
Run 1 lap (400m)
30 Burpees
Run 1 lap (400m)
20 Push-ups
Run 1 lap (400m)
10 Broad Jumps

Cool down: Run lightly or walk for 2-5 minutes. Stretch.

Newbie to the Workout Scene? Start here!

Instructions: If you’re new to working out, or have never sprinted before, run the first half of each lap at comfortable speed, and slowly build in your speed thereafter. You should hit a “sprint” for the last few seconds of each lap.

For the body weight movements in between each run, do 25 walking lunges, 20 air squats, 15 burpees, 10 push-ups, and 5 broad jumps.

Want more workouts like the one above? Check out my other sprint workouts, or functional fitness workouts.

Keepin’ it human,

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