Coconut oil is a superfood that has been shown to have amazing benefits for the body – both inside and out.

In fact, there are many uses for coconut oil (twenty, to be exact) that I do on a daily basis, all of which you can find listed below.

I will warn you, once you start exploring the many uses for coconut oil, it’s hard to stop. You’ll start carrying it everywhere with you, and continually try to use it in place of other things. (Just a heads up, it’s not a good substitute for hair gel, or cold hard cash. You can take my word for it.)

I recommend using unrefined, 100% organic coconut oil that is cold-pressed. I personally use Nutiva Coconut Oil in my own home because it’s a reputable brand and has a beautiful aroma. You can purchase coconut oil in bulk which makes it extremely affordable and cost-effective. Don’t worry – you’ll go through it fast!

20 Uses for Coconut Oil


1. Cooking. Because coconut oil is completely saturated, it’s a very stable fat that can be used for all medium and high heat cooking like pan frying or baking. Unlike most polyunsaturated vegetable oils, it isn’t prone to damage or oxidation. It also gives a light, satiating flavor to vegetables, meats, eggs. If you want roast or grill with coconut oil and you’re in a climate with an ambient temperature below 76 degrees Farienheit (coconut oil’s melting point), simply pre-heat the coconut oil to make it a liquid before combining with your food.

2. By the Spoonful. Coconut oil has a delicious flavor that provides a tasty boost of energy when needed (it works great as a 3:00PM pick me up!) It also helps turn “off” hunger cues that may lead to overeating.

2. As a Butter Substitute. Coconut oil can be used on top of sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, and on a variety of treats like grain-free breads, pancakes and muffins.

4. For Baking. You can use coconut oil in pie crusts and any baked goods recipes. Simply replace the vegetable oil for coconut oil (again – pre “melt” the coconut oil if needed!), and your recipes will come out super-duper delish.

5. Creating a Non-stick Surface. Use coconut oil to coat baking sheets, glass dishes, pans, and even for seasoning cast iron cookware! Since using coconut oil, my cast iron pan has come out beautiful and non-stick!

6. As a Dressing. Coconut oil blended with other oils can be used to make a yummy salad dressing. Check out my favorite coconut oil salad dressing recipe!

7. In Coffee and Tea. Use a tablespoon of coconut oil in coffee or tea to make a creamy, tasty drink with loads of stable energy. See recipe here!

8. Homemade Magic Shell. Coconut oil and raw cacoa powder is quite an extraordinary pair. Check out my Homemade Magic Shell recipe to make your own! You can pour it over frozen fruits or your favorite coconut ice cream. (Yeah, this one’s my favorite!)

Skin & Hair

9. Moisturizer. Coconut oil is an incredible moisturizer for the body and face. It helps restore moisture to the skin, and it’s great for conditions like acne, eczema, athlete’s foot, and more because it’s antifungal and antiviral. Use a small amount as a little goes a long way! (Note: Be sure to test it out on a small spot your skin first before slathering all over!)

10. Face Cleanser. Most facial cleansers have harsh chemicals in them that irritate and dry-out the skin. They also frequently have have toxins that are xenoestrogens, which act like estrogen in the body and can affect fertility, weight loss, and cause breast cancer.[1][2][3][4] You can use coconut oil to clean your face at night using a method called the oil cleansing method. It’s super easy, refreshing, and it’s completely cleared up my skin. In fact, I no longer need moisturizer on my skin after I clean my face at night. Want to try it out? Check out my post on How to Clean Your Face With Coconut Oil. (And bonus! When doing so, I recommend following up with my DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Facial Toner.)

11. Make-up Remover. Lightly massage coconut oil on to your face, and use a warm washcloth (or Norwex cloth) to wipe off your make up. Comes off so easy!

12. Deodorant: Coconut oil is great for making lightly scented deodorants that are moisturizing and aluminum-free. Simply use a homemade recipe that includes baking soda (drying agent) and essentials oils like tea tree oil or lavender oil for a lovely scent! Personally, since I travel a lot, I leave it to my favorite deodorant company, Stinkbug Naturals to make my deodorant. Mr. Coconuts and I both love it. We find ours at Whole Foods for around $6.

13. Shaving Lotion: Get a close shave, and moisturize at the same time! For ladies – simply rub on your legs before getting in the shower.

14. Scar/Stretch Mark Reducer. Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids, which makes it a cocktail of antioxidants, vitamin E, and gives it antimicrobial properties. Coconut oil is a moisturizing powerhouse that absorbs quickly and gets way deeper into pores over other conventional moisturizers.5 Many women have found FAST results when using coconut oil to reduce scars and stretch-marks, and have reported tightened skin and reduced redness. A simple google search will produce some awesome testimonials!

15. Cuts and Scrapes: Coconut oil is antiviral and antifungal. In my house, I use it as a replacement for Neosporine for cuts and scrapes (although Mr. Coconuts still won’t let his treasured tube go.) It adds moisture, promotes healing, reduces the appearance of scars and protects against further damage. Mix it with a little tea tree oil for additional anti-inflammatory benefits.

16. Massage Oil. No explanation needed. Use as much as you want, for as long as you want!

17. Lube. Yeah, I went there. Coconut oil is the absolutely BEST lubricant you’ll find. It’s soft, has a nice scent, and doesn’t dry out or get “sticky” with friction. Best yet – you aren’t putting a bunch of random carcinogenic chemicals up in your special parts. (Note: no solid scientific research has shown that it does or does not work with latex condoms… so if you don’t want babies, use another natural lubricant with condoms.)

18. Hair & Scalp Repair. Coconut oil is a powerful deep conditioner that can be used to heal scalp issues like dandruff or damaged/frizzy hair. Simply apply on “dead ends” at night for an over-night conditioner, or massage deeply into scalp and leave in for at least 20 minutes before rinsing. Make sure to only use a small amount and expect to shampoo/rinse multiple times to get it out.

Household Uses

19. Toothpaste: Most conventional toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfates – a caustic detergent which helps remove grease. You’ll find it laundry detergents and cleaners. It is toxic to the human body and therefore should not be swallowed. Um, hello… then why is it in toothpaste and body care products that are applied to the skin? Liberation: Make your own! Coconut oil is an awesome base for your own toothpaste creations. Check out my Homemade Toothpaste Recipe to make your own!

20. Furniture Polish: You can actually use coconut oil and a little bit of lemon juice to polish furniture in the house! Use only a small amount – and make sure to “test” a small spot first to make sure it meets your expectations.

Do you have any other uses for coconut oil? Did I miss anything? Share below!

Keepin’ it human,

20 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil

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