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Hooray! It’s Christmas time… which means, tis the season for the 12 Days of Christmas Workout.

If your situation is like mine, the holidays usually involve spending extended time at grandma’s house which is deep in the country and nowhere near a gym. While there’s nothing better than seeing the family, keeping my body challenged and moving makes me happy, and most importantly – more pleasant to be around.

As a result – this 12 Days of Christmas Workout is designed to be do-anywhere style using little to no equipment. However, you may choose to add items that are easy to find in the standard home to make the workout more difficult and engaging. If you travel a lot, I recommend securing a good set of dumbbells or a kettlebell, which can easily be taken on road trips. These tools are my favorite way to make at-home workouts a bit more challenging.

12 Days of Christmas Workout - Coconuts and Kettlebells (do-anywhere style!)

12 Days of Christmas Workout

Instructions: Perform the workout in a ladder (just like the song.) Example: 1 Sprint; 2 Lateral Burpees – 1 Sprint; 3 Push ups – 2 Lateral Burpees – 1 Sprint (and so forth). Move fast and push yourself hard throughout the workout.

Warm up: 5-10 minutes with a variation of Dynamic Range of Motion movements and light running.

The Workout:

1 10 second running sprint (5 seconds out, 5 seconds back)
2 Lateral Burpee
3 Push-up
4 Lateral Lunge (1 rep = each leg)
5 Mountain Climber (1 rep = each leg)
6 Glute Bridge
7 Air Squat
8 Walking Lunge (1 rep = each leg)
9 Bear Crawl (1 rep = all fours take one step forward)
10 Plank Leg Lift (1 rep = 1 leg)
11 Star Burpee
12 Broad Jump

Cool down: Walk, stretch, and grub on some Christmas goodies!

Want to kick it up a notch? Get your own set of kettlebells or dumbbells you can travel with and use them during the walking lunges and step-ups.

Newbie to the Workout Scene? Start here!

Instructions: Do the workout straight through as written above as fast as good form allows. Rest 3 minutes. Then, do it again.

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