I often get asked about specific product recommendations, and lucky for you, I research the heck out of things. So, below is a list of all the products and brands I recommend based on my own personal experience. Whether it’s supplements, ingredients for recipes, or skincare products, all of the items below are ones I use in my own home. Please note: some of the links below may be my affiliate links. You don’t have to use my links, but if you do, it really helps me support my blog. Your support is so greatly appreciated. I’m big on honesty, so here’s my affiliate disclosure.


For a complete list of the baking and cooking resources and tools I recommend, check out my Baking Resources page.



Red light therapy devices


High performing clean beauty and skin care 

Primally Pure

Natural skin, hair, and home products. Code COCONUTS for 10% off.


Safe cleaning products


Safe toothpaste and hair care products


Organic CBD oil products

Alen Air Purifiers

The best medical-grade true HEPA air purifers on the market. Use code WELLFED for 10% off.

Seeking Health

Best vitamin and mineral supplements


Evidence-based blue blocking glasses and accessories

Primal Kitchen

Organic food products made without vegetable oils. Use code WELLFED for 10% off.

Elemental Labs

Grab and go electrolyte replacement


High quality digestive supplements, probiotics, and magnesium. Use code WELLFED10 for 10% off.


Flexible baby, toddler, and kid shoes

Bonafide Provisions

High quality bone broth and bone broth soups

Thrive Market

Online natural and organic  grocery superstore


Baby Registry Essentials
Fitness Tools
Business and Marketing