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After two years of brainstorming, outlining, writing, cooking, programming workouts, editing, and more editing, the release of my brand new book, Coconuts and Kettlebells, is almost here! Although the official release date is August 7, 2018, I wanted to share with you some insider information about how the book came to be, and what you can expect in the upcoming weeks.

The Backstory

I started writing my blog and working with people one-on-one back in 2014 because it was clear to me that the health and fitness industry was broken. I had been a product of that broken system for years—bouncing from one diet to the next, hoping that one day I would finally achieve lasting health and happiness. I wasted a lot of time working against my body, and I didn’t want that for other women. Back then—and still to this day—most people in the nutrition and fitness industry were promoting one-size-fits-all solutions, quick fixes, and challenges that were all about getting rid of some “unsightly” part of your body. There was a complete disregard for the importance of mental and emotional health, and how it played into every part of the pursuit of physical health. A year after launching my business, I started a podcast with one of my internet besties, Stefani Ruper. We both had a very similar story and approach to health, and wanted to be a voice for women—one that empowered women to stop feeling trapped by what they “should” do, and instead, pursue health in a way that worked for them physically, mentally, and emotionally. As the podcast grew in popularity, we realized just how many women (and men) there were in our communities who were looking for answers. Thousands of questions and millions of downloads later, it was clear to us that we need share our approach to health with more people. The best way to do that? A book. The process of working with an agent, “shopping” our book to publishers, and ultimately signing a book deal was thrilling, but it also was incredibly nerve-wracking. Would an agent want to work with us? Would publishers think we were crazy? And what compromises would we have to make to get our message out? I was concerned a big-name publisher would try to make our book like every other health and fitness book out there—full of gimmicks and promises of weight loss. However, I am thrilled to report this was not the case at all. Our agent and the editor we signed with at William Morrow (an imprint of HarperCollins) are passionate about our vision and getting our message out to the masses. The book includes everything we wanted it to, and every word is ours.

The Book

Coconuts and Kettlebells is literally the podcast (and our programs, articles, and videos) in book form. It’s something you’ll be able to use throughout your life to figure out how to eat and move in a way that’s right for you. We make this simple by striping away all the unnecessary dieting BS and focus on the big things: eating enough, eating the macronutrient ratio that’s right for you, and understanding how potentially problematic foods might affect you. We give you tools to help you evaluate if a food is causing negative symptoms, and show you how to make pursuing health sustainable long-term. For people who like things already done for you (who doesn’t), we also provide two meal plans: one that’s higher in fat and one that’s higher in carbs. We’ve also made it part cookbook (because food), and included 75 easy and delicious recipes the entire family will love. To accompany our recipes and meal plans, we’ve also included an entire section on fitness and how to incorporate movement into your time-crunched life. You’ll have access to an at-home friendly fitness program that can be tailored to all levels and abilities. Each workout included in the program is accompanied by easy-to-follow photo examples of how to complete each exercise. Beyond nutrition and fitness, we also support you with material that teaches you how to have a healthy mindset as you pursue health. We firmly believe having a positive relationship with your body is foundational to overall health. So, we’ve included detailed information about how to facilitate the appropriate mindset when making changes to your food and fitness, and call out some of the most popular pitfalls, such as the wagon mentality and thinking your worth is somehow related to the size of your waistline or how “good” you were on your diet. If you couldn’t already tell, we’re incredibly excited to get the book into your hands! Coconuts and Kettlebells is available for pre-order RIGHT NOW where most books are sold (see links below!) In the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing details about pre-order bonuses, which everyone who pre-orders the book will receive. We’ve put together an awesome assortment of goodies, including a bonus chapter that wasn’t published in the book, additional workouts, and a wonderful assortment of exclusive discounts from our partners. Thank you so much for your support and for accompanying us on this journey! We wouldn’t be doing this without you. Be strong,    
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